Technical Assistance Fund (TAF)

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One of the key requirements of the program is to provide technical assistance to local and provincial government and partnership groups to more effectively carry out their responsibilities with regard to local economic development.
With regard to the implementation of the BEF and the LCF, Technical Assistance will be provided by the Project Co-ordinating Unit (PCU) on approval by the Department of Economic Development, for the following activities:
  • Mobilisation of stakeholders, public awareness and training workshops.
  • The identification and prioritisation, with beneficiaries, of potential projects for funding through the BEF and LCF;
  • The preparation and packaging of these projects together with eligible beneficiaries, for submission for grant funding from the BEF and LCF;
  • Training of Evaluation Committee and Assessors in evaluation procedures;
  • Assisting eligible beneficiaries in the implementation and reporting on the projects funded through the BEF and LCF;
  • For troubleshooting and overcoming barriers in the implementation of BEF and LCF projects;
  • Evaluation and review of BEF and LCF activities.

This Project is Funded by the European Union
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