Networking and Co-operation Funding (NCF)

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  • To establish a provincial Learning, Monitoring and Research Facility (LMRF);
  • To provide LED institutional support
  • To provide marketing and communications for the program.

How will the NCF work?

The NCF is not a grant fund, but will be used by the PCU and Contracting Authority to facilitate program implementation. Expenditure will take place through EU Framework Contracts, public or negotiated tenders in line with EC procurement guidelines.

A Learning, Monitoring and Research Facility (LMRF) will be established through a tendered or negotiated contract. The LMRF will report directly to the Program Manager and will be responsible for undertaking impact monitoring, action research, and promoting knowledge exchange and learning.

The NCF will provide funding for institutional support, distinct from that available from the BEF. The NCF will support provincial wide training programs and other initiatives contributing towards a coherent framework for local action. The funding will be utilized to build and strengthen partners outside of government. Other areas of funding will be for the work of the Program Steering Committee (PSC), the financing of study tours and one off events, actions and seminars.

Funds allocated to marketing and communications will be utilised to meet the costs associated with project launches, adverts to publicise processes, advertorials, the production of information packs, newsletters, information sheets, IT communication networking and a website.

This Project is Funded by the European Union
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