Business Enabling Fund (BEF)

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The objective of the BEF is to assist provincial and local government to create an enabling environment for local economic development by:
  • Clarifying the legislative and regulatory requirements of the local economic development role of Government.
  • Strengthening the enabling role of provincial and local government with respect to local economic development.
  • Improving the performance of provincial and local government with respect to strategic planning and economic governance.
  • Improving program coordination between the different levels of local government [District Municipalities, Local Municipalities and Wards] and the different spheres of government (national, provincial and local).
  • Establishing effective participation in LED planning and implementation within the local sphere [including improving coordination with the private sector and NGOs,
  • Community Based Organisations, Business Chambers, organised labour and other groups.
  • Developing a sector approach to the local economic development work of the municipalities that closely articulates with the sectors developed within the provincial sphere.
  • Decentralising service delivery to the local sphere of government including the establishment of one-stop service centres at local government level.
  • Assisting local government to make effective use of the Municipal Infrastructure Grant (MIG).

Who is eligible for funding by the BEF?

Provincial government, District and Local Municipalities, and Public Entities in KwaZulu-Natal.

What can the funds be used for?

  • Local consultation exercises;
  • Research;
  • Technical assistance;
  • Training;
  • Study tours;
  • Twinning programs [with local governments in the EU];
  • Limited capital equipment;
  • Project management costs.

What are the BEF project priorities?

Sustainable projects, and projects relevant to the program objectives will receive priority attention. In addition the following specific project types have been identified:
  • Projects which increase institutional understanding and implementation of LED.
  • Projects which increase strategic alignment of LED projects with provincial and national priorities.
  • Projects to promote LED policy development and communication between all parties.
  • Projects to improve systems and technologies for LED.
  • Organizational development projects which increase the effectiveness of LED units.
  • Projects which increase efficiency and effectiveness in management of LED.
  • Projects which increase the capacities of councillors and municipal officials in LED.
  • Projects which improve financial management and budgeting capacities for LED.
  • Projects which reduce or remove the legal, regulatory or administrative barriers to LED.

This Project is Funded by the European Union
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